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Laboratory of Molecular Life Sciences

About us

We are being involved in the research field so called 'Eisei Yakugaku' in Japanese. This field includes public health, demographic statistics, epidemiology, infectious diseases and its prevention, nutrition sciences, food hygiene, environmental sciences, toxicology and others. Because all these areas are undoubtedly important for the analysis of risk factors and for the improvement of human health, they are studied worldwide. However, while respective subjects were independently analyzed in many countries, it has long been considered in Japan that they are closely-related topics. Based on such idea, Eisei Yakugaku has developed in Japan as a scientific field consisting of many areas mentioned above. In the education of Japanese pharmaceutical sciences, learning of Eisei Yakugaku is mandatory for every student. If the Eisei Yakugaku is forcibly translated into English, it may be called as 'Pharmaceutical Health and Environmental Sciences'.

In this laboratory, we are interested in xenobiotic factors hazardous to health and the molecular mechanism how living body responds to and inactivates/eliminates those risks. Our goal is constructing preventive measures against health risks and giving next generations good health.